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President Trump EXPLOSIVE Press Conference w/ McConnell: "Hillary Please Run Again!" 10/16/17

President Donald Trump holds an impromptu press conference with Mitch McConnell in the White House Rose Garden and takes questions on healthcare,...

President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting at the White House 10/16/17

President Donald Trump holds a cabinet meeting at the White House and gives remarks to the media

President Trump Press Conference on Iran, North Korea & Puerto Rico 10/13/17

President Donald Trump takes questions on Iran, North Korea & Puerto Rico before leaving the White House with First Lady Melania Trump

President Trump DECERTIFIES the Iran Nuclear Deal | Full Speech 10/13/17

President Donald Trump announces that he is decertifying the Iran deal and imposing new sanctions on Iran

President Trump's Excellent Speech @ Values Voter Summit: "We're Saying Merry Christmas Again!"

President Donald Trump addresses the Values Voter Summit for the first time as president. MAGA

President Trump Announces NEW Secretary of Homeland Security Nominee Kirstjen Nielsen 10/12/17

President Donald Trump announces his new Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Kirstjen Nielsen. MAGA

Sarah Sanders & Chief of Staff John Kelly WH Press Briefing 10/12/17

Sarah Sanders welcomes Chief of Staff John Kelly to today's White House Press Briefing. He takes questions on the details of his job, fake news,...

President Trump Signs HISTORIC Healthcare Executive Order 10/12/17

President Donald Trump signs an historic executive order promoting healthcare choice and competition in the United States. MAGA

FULL President Trump Hannity Interview 10/11/17

President Donald Trump sits down with Sean Hannity for an exclusive interview. Topics range from tax reform to North Korea to the Iran Deal to NFL...

President Trump's Major Speech on Tax Reform in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 10/11/17

President Donald Trump delivers a major speech on tax reform to a group of patriotic truckers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. MAGA

President Trump Departs for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 10/11/17

President Donald Trump departs for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to deliver a speech on tax reform

President Trump Meets with PM Trudeau & Blasts NBC for Fake Nuke Story 10/11/17

President Donald Trump meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, takes questions from the press and blasts NBC for their fake news report...

President Trump & Melania Welcome Justin Trudeau to The White House 10/11/17

President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau to the White House