Thought Implant - Mind Field S2

Check out the final stage of our power of suggestion test, where we try to convince our subjects that a brain scanner can implant a number in their...

Unleashed - Mind Field S2

I attempt to discuss placebos, but my furry co-star keeps stealing the scene.

Grayson Brulte Interview - Mind Field S2

I get candid with Grayson Brulte, autonomous vehicle expert, as we discuss the potential ethical issues associated with driverless cars.

Freedom of Choice - Mind Field (Ep 5)

We may value having Freedom of Choice, but are we actually happier when we have limited choices...or even no choice at all? Do we truly have...

Marcie Bockbrader Interview - Mind Field S2

Research Physiatrist Marcie Bockbrader talks to me about a brain-computer interface project that is helping a paralyzed man move his arm.

Sending a Signal - Mind Field S2

I interview principal research statistician David Friedenberg about his role in analyzing all the data collected in a project aimed at helping a...

Dynamic Duet - Mind Field S2

Jazz pianist Dave O’Brien and his student Derek Paravicini play an impressive piano duet for me.

Sham Acupuncture - Mind Field S2

I go deeper into accessory-assisted placebos by discussing sham acupuncture—and getting stuck with a few needles in the process.

Mr. Xtreme - Mind Field S2

In San Diego, real-life superheroes walk the streets as part of the Xtreme Justice League. I chat with Mr. Xtreme, one of the league’s most visible...

Hero in the Sky - Mind Field S2

I interview Shirley Dygert, a first time skydiver, and her tandem skydiving instructor, Dave Hartsock, about a treacherous skydive they both...

Interrogation - Mind Field S2 (Ep 3)

Psychology. Neuroscience. Drugs. All can be tools of interrogation. In this episode, an expert shows me how to coerce unsuspecting subjects...

The Human Lab Rat - Mind Field S2

Check out this extended cut of my challenging experience as a human lab rat in a giant, 60-foot real-world maze.

Uncut False Confession - Mind Field S2

Expert Melissa Russano elicits a false confession from one of our test subjects in this fascinating, uncut session.

False Confession Victim - Mind Field S2

I sit down with Jeffrey Deskovic, a real-life victim of a false confession conviction. Special thanks to Jeffrey Deskovic and the Jeffrey...