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Ask Me Anything Live 4/18/2019
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The Salt Mining of Frank Tufano

Frank Tufano is still salty about his kickstarter project being suspended so he has made another video accusing vegans of harming his "business"....

Frank Tufano Is Suing Me?

Frank Tufano believes I'm responsible for getting his kickstarter project suspended and he has expressed an interest in suing me. Support me:...

Responding To Frank Tufano's Legal Threats

Frank Tufano is threatening legal action against me after his kickstarter campaign has been suspended. Should I be worried about the impending...

Health Coach Kait vs Vegan Gains

Health Coach Kait attempts to debunk the ideological principles of veganism by making a series of poorly thought out health and ethical arguments....

Tim Shieff vs Vegan Gains

Tim Shieff believes that because of his health problems a vegan diet is not healthy long term.

Ask Me Anything Live 4/12/2019

Ask me anything.

Sv3rige Anti-Vegan Protest Analysis

Analyzing Sv3rige's anti-vegan protest. Unsurprisingly the guy who believes the earth is flat made many false scientific claims. Support the...

Frank Tufano's Kickstarter Scam

There's something fishy about Frank Tufano's kickstarter scam. Support the stream:

Onision vs Vegan Gains

Onision thinks he has the moral highground while criticizing me over a private conversation we had. Onision's video:...

Ask me Anything Live Q&A

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FullyRawKristina vs Vegan Gains

Fully Raw Kristina is supporting hate and bigotry on her youtube channel and it's about time she's answered for it. FullyRawKristina's channel:...

What I Ate Today Biking Gains

The Weather is finally starting to warm up and I was able to ride both my mountain bike and my motorcycle today. Support me:...