Fusion Comedy

Trump Models Shutting Down

Trump Models is the latest in a string of Donald Trump's business to fold, Dan Ilic speaks to the General Manager of Trump Models, Mal Nourished,...

How to Hate Right (with Bassem Youssef) • TED talk parody

ISIS is doing it all wrong—Bassem Youssef teaches young Muslims the "right" way to hate.

Rise of the Robots

These androids at SXSW are programmed to debate humans. How long until artificial intelligence takes over?

Oppressed White Men

The system is totally rigged against white men. Stay woke. Err... Awakened?

Who is Stephen Miller?

Stephen Miller is the latest star to collapse in the Trump constellation. But who is this fascinating black hole?

3 Unreported Attacks by Muslims on US Soil

According to President Trump, the dishonest media refused to report on 3 recent Muslims attacks on US soil.

The White House Shopping Network

Kellyanne Conway is here with some great deals on reduced Ivanka Trump clothing.

Valentines and Guns

Bassem Youssef visits a gun store that offers a free shotgun with purchase.

The Twisted History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means: chocolates, roses—and getting whipped by blood-soaked animal skins!...

Trump Supporters Thank Putin

On the day of the inauguration of President Donald Trump, his supporters send messages of thanks to Vladimir Putin.

Slut Shaming is Like Calling a Woman a Witch

For people who still don't understand why slut shaming is wrong, just think of it as calling a woman a witch.

Women's March Fail

The original creator of the Women's March on Washington forgot a few important details.

Bizarre Inaugural Balls

Will Trump's inauguration be weirder than these former presidents?

Let's talk about abortion! (with Cameron Esposito)

Fewer women are having abortions than ever before. Cameron Esposito tells us how that could change under Drumpf.