Plant Breeding - Crop Improvement & Breeding a NEW Eggplant/ Aubergine Variety!

To help our project; Plant breeding is a lot of fun. To fully understand how a new variety...

Blacksmithing - Hand Made High Carbon Tongs / V Bit Round Bit tongs from 3/4 inch! Episode #7

In this video we make some pretty solid blacksmith tongs in preparation for forging an axe! Throw me a tip for this video if you care to @...

How to make the Compost for Compost Teas - Fungal Dominated Compost Tea!

OK lets make the compost for compost teas. Safe strong and you can make them either bacterial dominated or fungal dominated!

Blacksmithing - How to make Natural Fire Clay / Cement! Episode #5

Making your own fire clay / cement is great for blacksmithing, cob building or even if you would like to build your own foundry.