Demi Lovato Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

"Oh, don't pee on me!" GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Kylie Jenner And Jordyn Woods Play With Puppies

“I love Bill Nye the Science Guy! For real, he is sexy, lemme tell you.” You can adopt a furry friend through:

Raven Symoné Answers Fan Questions

Raven Symoné answers question about "That's So Raven" memories, On-screen love life and insight on her new Disney show "Raven's Home" Credits:...

Liam Payne Plays With Puppies

Exactly what you need for your day! Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Zach Braff Plays Operation

Zach Braff Plays Operation While Answering Scrubs Fan Questions Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED:...

Miley Cyrus Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

"Come here my little precious!" Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Nick Kroll & John Mulaney Give Teens Puberty Advice

"Tweens is a term I haven't heard in a while." GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Spice Girls Fans Get Surprised By Baby Spice

"I'm gonna have a heart attack, the video will go viral because a Spice Girl killed me" MUSIC Big Inspiration Licensed via Warner Chappell...

Celebs Answer Ridiculous Yahoo Answers Questions

"Can I tell by the smell of my husband's gas if he has been cheating?" Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED:...

Nick Jonas Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)

"Knowing that people are having sex to my music is the best thing in the world." GET MORE BUZZFEED:

Kate McKinnon Plays With Puppies


Is Jodie Landon The Most Important TV Character Of The 90s?

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Stars Of "Arrow" And "The Flash" Play Would You Rather?: Superhero Edition

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"Descendants 2" Stars Find Out Which Disney Villain They Are

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