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Battlefield Researchers Uncover ISIS Arsenal And Weapons Factory In Iraq | NBC News

NBC News goes into Tal Afar Iraq with a team of weapons researchers as they discover an ISIS arms cache and munitions factory that reveals the...

Was the FISA warrant used to spy on Trump campaign valid?

To dive deeper into the latest developments in the congressional investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, RT America’s...

Political frustration continues to build in Russia investigation

So far, special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team have been unable to prove collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016...

Melissa Francis: There is no one tax reform won't touch

Republicans reach an agreement on tax reform combining elements of the House and Senate bills.

Haley: Iran cannot be allowed to continue aggressive actions

U.N. ambassador holds a news conference on Iran violating the U.N. resolution, arming rebels in Yemen.

Family member: Missing Argentinian sub was being 'chased'

Sister of missing sailor claims the doomed Argentinian submarine was being chased by a British helicopter and Chilean ship shortly before...

Lyft driver allegedly pulls gun on customer

Chicago man suing former Lyft driver, ride share company after he claims she pulled firearm and threatened to 'blast' him while using a homophobic...

Man sentenced to death for murder of his girlfriend's son

Gabriel Fernandez's mother will be tried next in her son's torture and murder.

Putin: Trump 'restricted' in improving relations with Russia

The Russian president holds his annual news conference.

California housing crisis reaches boiling point

William La Jeunesse reports on the state's struggle to provide affordable housing.

Cops under fire for handcuffing 11-year-old girl

Raw video: Distraught girl screams as police officers restrain her while searching aunt's house in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bob Massi answers viewers' questions on tax bill details

Fox News legal analyst talks numbers on 'Fox & Friends.'

Mike Huckabee on the FBI: A fish rots from the head down

Fox News contributor sounds off on the handling of the Clinton email probe.

After the Show Show: The Rooney family

Major Dan Rooney, his wife and five daughters share family recipes.