Inside NASA’s Restored Apollo 11 Mission Control Room
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  • 3 minutes ago
  • 02:18

NASA has restored the Apollo-era Mission Control Room in Houston to the way it looked during the historic moon landing in 1969. This comes as part...

Area 51 'Raid' Will be met with Force, the US Air Force Warns
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  • 3 minutes ago
  • 01:07

The US air force has issued a warning to those planning to 'raid' Area 51 in the hope of seeing evidence of aliens. It's after more than a million...

Driver Forgets to Brake at Car Wash and Plunges into River
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  • 3 minutes ago
  • 40:00

CCTV footage shows the moment a woman plunged her car into a river after mistakenly hitting the accelerator instead of the break. The accident...

Rare Footage Shows Crab Feasting on Deep-Sea ‘Fish Egg Buffet’
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  • 3 minutes ago
  • 01:21

A crab was spotted feasting on a “fish egg buffet” in a deep-sea canyon off the coast of North Carolina. The crustacean plucked the eggs from a...

Spectacular Explosion as Mexican Volcano Spews Giant Plume of Ash
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  • 3 minutes ago
  • 01:08

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spewed a massive plume of gas and ash in a dramatic explosion following an escalation of volcanic activity....

The Mask - What's the Difference?

The Mask turns 25 this month AND the comics are coming back! So it's time to look back at Jim Carrey's half cartoon turn as the big green head....

Supercars in Aurum 1006 km race Scrutineering 2019 (Palanga)

All information about 1006 km race:

Top 10 Saddest Godzilla Moments

These are Godzilla's saddest moments. Godzilla may be the King of the Monsters, as well as a gigantic, nearly-indestructible, fire-breathing lizard...

Ice Cream Truck Taste Test: Finals

Which classic ice cream truck treat will win the Gold Cone?!  GMM #1569 Subscribe to GMM:...

Scared Buddies Beat Layers of Fear

The Scared Buddies BEAT (!!) Layers of Fear! Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeed...

Chefs Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Cooking

"Don't believe everything that you see on the internet" Credits: Check out more awesome videos at...

How This Dad Feeds Quintuplets at the Same Time

Super dad! Chad Kempel of San Mateo, California, has seven children. Five of them are quintuplets. Kempel and his wife, Amy, shared their secret...

Beloved Activist Killed by Her Tenant: Cops

Police say a beloved civil rights activist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was killed by one of her tenants who owed her rent. Sadie Roberts-Joseph,...

Parasites Wreaked Havoc on These People's Bodies

All of these people are victims of parasites: creatures that burrowed into their bodies and wreaked havoc. As 17-year-old Michael Dumas' friends...