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Universal Basic Income: Two Contrasting Views on Free Money

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes explains why he’s made it his mission to advocate for universal basic income -- where governments provide citizens...

Here's why video game movies don't work

Often when popular video games like "Assassin's Creed" and "Prince of Persia" are turned into movies, audiences are disappointed. CNNMoney's Frank...

How Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Committed Massive Fraud | Forbes

Wednesday, the SEC charges Elizabeth Holmes with fraud. Holmes is the CEO of Theranos, a medical company that misrepresented its technology while...

Five questions for Italy's Five Star supporters

The movement took 32 per cent of the national vote in Italy's election, becoming the largest party in parliament. But what do its young followers...

India and Pakistan play diplomatic 'knock and run'

The FT's Kiran Stacey looks at a childish prank that has turned into a diplomatic incident in South Asia ► Subscribe to

This bot can help you document harassment

Spot is a chatbot that helps employees track and report workplace harassment and discrimination. CNNMoney's Samuel Burke sits down with co-founder...

Fanatics CEO: NFL jersey sales strong during protests

Fanatics manages the online stores of nearly every pro sports league in the US. CNNMoney's Ahiza Garcia sits down with CEO Doug Mack to talk about...

British Ex-Hacker Turns American Spy Museum Advisor | Forbes

Spyscape is America's newest Spy museum. Their secret ingredient? Former Lulzsec Hacker, Jake Davis. Full Story By Parmy Olson:...

Michael Jordan Gets Even Richer; Rex Tillerson Out As Secretary Of State | Forbes Flash

This week on Forbes Flash: the SEC charges Elizabeth Holmes with massive fraud; Michael Jordan makes money on TV deal; and Rex Tillerson gets fired...

Ethiopia poultry supplier claims smaller company award

Company operates franchise model providing more fertile and disease-resistant chickens than local breeds ► Subscribe to

Corporate Responsibility award goes to Lemon Tree Hotels

Indian company that employs large number of disabled and economically underprivileged people is 'not a charity' ► Subscribe to

'An exciting time for risk taking'

FT judges Brooke Masters and Robert Armstrong are optimistic about the chances of success for the modern day entrepreneur ► Subscribe to

Boldness in Business marks 10 years

Boldness in Business judges Leo Johnson and Edward Bonham Carter look back at the last decade of the awards ► Subscribe to

For dogs, United can be deadly

It's not just dogs that are dying on planes. in 2017, 24 pets died while on US carriers and 18 of those 24 were on United Airlines.

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