President Trump Announces NEW Secretary of Homeland Security Nominee Kirstjen Nielsen 10/12/17

President Donald Trump announces his new Secretary of Homeland Security nominee Kirstjen Nielsen. MAGA

Sarah Sanders & Chief of Staff John Kelly WH Press Briefing 10/12/17

Sarah Sanders welcomes Chief of Staff John Kelly to today's White House Press Briefing. He takes questions on the details of his job, fake news,...

President Trump Signs HISTORIC Healthcare Executive Order 10/12/17

President Donald Trump signs an historic executive order promoting healthcare choice and competition in the United States. MAGA

John Kelly CONFRONTED on Trump's White house CHAOS, Healthcare,puerto rico,nbc news

white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders held a press briefing today with Chief of Staff John Kelly were he answer questions by nbc news...

Outside University of Berkeley

today there was a gathering of students outside the University of California, Berkeley on september 15, 2017 this video was edited cause the...

Chuck Schumer Senate Floor Reaction on Trump's dreamers deal

today on the senate floor chuck schumer spoke about the meeting he had with president trump about the dreamers deal

President Trump Press Brief on Dreamers + he Speaks in Fort Myers florida

today President Trump gave news reporters a press brief he is also visiting Fort Myers, Florida 9/14/17

Al Franken Questions Trump's Judicial Nominee Amy Barret

today on the senate hearing Al Franken questions Amy Barret who is President Trump's Judicial Nominee on her judgement and responsibility july 7,...

Nancy Pelosi Press Conference 9/7/2017

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference briefing were she answer question about her conversation with president trump...

Chuck Schumer REACTS to Trump's AWFUL decision to end DACA Obama's Dreamer program 9/5/2017

On the Senate Floor today Chuck Schumer reacted to president trump ending obama's dreamers program DACA also on this video watch Senators Dick...

Sarah Sanders Press Briefing on Trump ending Obamas's Dreamer Program DACA 9/5/2017

white house press secretary sarah sanders held a press conference briefing were she answer questions on trump ending the daca program

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Trump Has Ended DACA

AG Jeff Sessions announces that President Trump has ended DACA, Obama's Dreamers Program September 5, 2017

John Kelly Says Trump Plans More Fed Chair Interviews

Oct.12 -- White House Chief of Staff John Kelly responds to a question about the candidates for Federal Reserve chair during the White House news...