Clinton on Mexico paying for Trump's wall: Not gonna happen

During her speech at the Building Trades Unions' Conference on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said that she is the only candidate that has a 21st century...

Clinton to African-American voters: 'We cannot take you or your vote for granted'

Hillary Clinton spoke at the 25th anniversary of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network national convention on Wednesday.

Ryan on 2016 bid: 'Count me out'

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explicitly stated that he does not want nor will accept the Republican nomination...

Obama: I want people to be 'astonished' there had not been a woman president

During his remarks at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument on Tuesday, President Barack Obama stated that he wanted young girls and...

The times Ben Carson was the worst surrogate for Donald Trump

Here are the moments since Carson announced his support on March 11 when his endorsement sounded like something else than ringing

Trump: 'We have a corrupt system'

During a Sunday rally in Rochester, New York, Donald Trump boasted about his lead over Sen. Ted Cruz before trashing the delegate system in place.

Bill Clinton 'almost' sorry about argument with Black Lives Matter protester

Bill Clinton 'almost' sorry about argument with Black Lives Matter protester

Bill Clinton: Hillary has always been 'by far the best qualified'

Bill Clinton took to Philadelphia on Thursday to make his case for Hillary Clinton as the best-qualified candidate running for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton holds press availability outside Yankee Stadium

Hillary Clinton holds press availability outside Yankee Stadium

Off Message with Glenn Thrush Hillary Clinton interview

Hillary Clinton sits down with Glenn Thrush following a campaign event in Syracuse, New York. The former secretary of state compares Donald Trump...

10/27/17: White House Press Briefing

The White House

Stephen Sackur on the road in Venezuela - BBC HARDtalk

Anti-government demonstrations have swept across Venezuela in recent days as anger over the country’s economic and political crisis has fuelled a...

Ahmed Kathrada speaking in 2014 - BBC HARDtalk

Veteran South African anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada has died aged 87. Along with Nelson Mandela, Mr Kathrada was among eight African...

Jack Abramoff, 2012 - BBC HARDtalk

In 2012, HARDtalk's Katya Adler spoke to former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. At the height of his career he made millions wining, dining and influencing...