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A Bipartisan Fix for Obamacare? Who F***ing Knows?

There's been talk in Washington DC in recent weeks that Senators Patty Murray and Lamar Alexander has come to some kind of bipartisan agreement to...

Shaky Science in the New Rules on Contraceptive Coverage

In a new rule about coverage of contraception, the Trump administration argues that birth control is bad for your health. But it’s a claim that...

The Bad Food Bible

Some of our most popular HCT episodes have been about food. Or, rather, they’ve been about the science and research behind food, and the...

Marijuana, Intoxication, DWI, and Breathalyzers

How do breathalyzers work? And will there ever be a breathalyzer for marijuana? As pot has become legal in several states, law enforcement has...

What Kind of Gun Laws Work? Guns and Public Health Part 4

Let’s be honest. The real controversy around the issue of guns is… what might we do about it? It’s the potential firearms policy changes that make...

Firearms and Suicide: Guns and Public Health Part 3

We continue our special look at guns and public health in the United States. This week, we're looking at how easily accessible firearms complicate...

CBO to Trump: Ending Cost Sharing Increases Deficit

This week, the Congressional Budget Office delivered a report on how Donald Trump's suggestion that the federal government may stop making cost...

Homicide and Firearms: Guns and Public Health Part 2

Let’s be clear. The biggest thing people worry about with guns in the US is homicide. There are lots of ways to look at the data, and most don’t...

A Brief History of Guns in America: Guns and Public Health Part 1

Firearms have a long and unique history in the United States. They're controversial, and they have a huge impact on public health and safety. This...

هروروستی ماشوم یا کوچنی ته رسيدل -- رسیدن به آخرین طفل
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بعض ماشومان یا کوچنیان په داسی سیمو کی ژوند کوی چی هلته د ګوزڼ د ناروغۍ واکسین رسول د نورو په پرتله سخت وی، نړیواله روغتیایی اداره مرسته کوی چی هر...

ہر آخری بچے تک رسائی
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  • 6 days ago
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اکثر بچے ایسے علاقوں میں بھی رہتے ہیں جہاں پولیو سے بچاو کے حفاظتی قطروں کے ساتھ پہنچنا بہت مشکل ہوتا ہے۔ ہر خطر آمیز ملک میں عالمی ادارہ صحت ہر...

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