Trumpcare: Redefining Health

Trump's health care plan helps you redefine health care on your own terms. w/ Advantage Personal Hygiene

How to Pay Taxes

The only things certain in life are death, taxes and the transfer of wealth to the top 1%. Whether you're Donald Trump, a major corporation, or a...

Mar-a-Lago Dessert Deal

This Passover season, try a slice of delicious chocolate cake with a side of tomahawk missiles.

Trump Models Shutting Down

Trump Models is the latest in a string of Donald Trump's business to fold, Dan Ilic speaks to the General Manager of Trump Models, Mal Nourished,...

How to Convince Racists to Fight Climate Change

An open letter to President Bannon with an argument to take climate change seriously that maybe the alt-right will listen to.

How to Hate Right (with Bassem Youssef) • TED talk parody

ISIS is doing it all wrong—Bassem Youssef teaches young Muslims the "right" way to hate.

Rise of the Robots

These androids at SXSW are programmed to debate humans. How long until artificial intelligence takes over?

America's Gunniest Home Videos

The NRA's quest to push guns everywhere has resulted in some unintentionally hilarious videos. Dan Ilic explains.

Woke Army

Because killing brown people with only white people is looked down upon these days, the US Army is making its force more diverse by including brown...

Oppressed White Men

The system is totally rigged against white men. Stay woke. Err... Awakened?

Keep It In the Family!

Nepotism is great! Just ask Hussein or Mussolini. Here's a look at nepotism in politics.

Worst Tinder Pick-up Lines

The worst Tinder pickup lines, read by women. WARNING: CONTAINS RACY TINDER TALK

3 Unreported Attacks by Muslims on US Soil

According to President Trump, the dishonest media refused to report on 3 recent Muslims attacks on US soil.

The White House Shopping Network

Kellyanne Conway is here with some great deals on reduced Ivanka Trump clothing.